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Antoinette Thomas is a multi media artist that works as an illustrator, painter, and pyrographer (also known as wood burning). The comic strips Thomas creates move between meditations on daily struggles, as well as a more direct social commentary that addresses the audience head on. Subjects like race, being a woman, the work place, etc. are all tackled with a whimsical humor. In some instances she uses herself as a character within these scenarios, infusing a personal flare to share with her audience.
In Thomas’s painting practice she joins it with pyrography. Each portrait uses parts of wood burning for textures like hair or skin, and the rest is painted. For the artist, being able to experience representation of Black people outside of a lens of oppression and strife, is imperative. Thomas aims to build a world of works that normalizes the image of Black people and celebrates their bodies, experiences, and culture.

on the side walk drawing.PNG

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Brooklyn College BFA 2016

Charles G. Shaw Award January 2015

Arts East New York ReNew Lots Van Lier Fellowship August 2018 - August 2019

I am Black Not Dangerous Pop-Up Show, New York, NY. December 2018


I am Black Not Dangerous, The Living Gallery Outpost, New York, NY. August 2018

Negritude - The Complexity of the Black Identity, Arts East New York, Brooklyn, NY. May-June 2018

Brother's Keeper, Bishop Gallery Brooklyn, NY. February 2018

Brooklyn College Gallery BFA Show May 2015

Bare Witness Exhibit, Bushwick, NY May 2014

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