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Directorial Debut

Hello hello ✨

SO, about 2 weeks ago the music video I directed premiered — Wait Antoinette! I thought you just wood burned and did the painting thing?! Well yes, but over the years I assisted on many a photo shoot and several videos. For a hot second I even did make up; but it didn’t stick.

It had been mentioned to me a few times that I should direct, and let me tell you when I tried it: directing is the perfect mix of visuals coming to life, putting together looks and bossing people around, truly!🤞🏽

The video is titled “Come Thru” by Bridget Perez. It’s a bit spicy so if you have some nosey co workers or the pesky relative that can catch a heart attack, please go somewhere semi private.

People also wrote about the video if you can believe it 😱😱 There are pieces on respect-mag and on Voiceless Music, and yes, you can click on those links. The articles are on the short side, but trust, they say great things.

originally posted on December 26, 2018

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